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Keep your Crew in Gems with the September Gem Code! Just log into ourWorld, click on your "Settings" button, and enter coupon code:
8C3B-B51A-858F-EB6F. The code is only good thru September 26,
so login now!
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downWorld Condo Box!
Condo Mystery Box
The downWorld Condo Mystery Box is
finally here! Completely fill your
Condo with thrilling and menacing items
from the battlegrounds of downWorld.
Get these rare and never before seen condo items now!
Crystal Moon Seat
Sept. Resident Item!
Bring the shimmering moon and stars
down from the heavens and straight
into your Condo. This Crystal Moon
Seat is for Residents only.

Special Shovels!
Start Digging
Did you know ourWorld is full of
buried treasure? Get a shovel and
start digging. You can get the
Digging Shovel, the Coin Shovel and
the Flow Shovel!
Battle Boxes
Radiant & Oblivion
Powerful weapons from downWorld
give you epic flow Boost!
Moonlight Magic!
Sept. Monthly Items
These mystical, moonlight items
are out of this world. Literally!
From the moon! Get the Moonlight
Staff, Cape, Scarf, Galaxy Hair,
Serenity Hair and the actual Moonlight!
Critter Garden
Sell all hatched Critters
with one click in your
Critter Garden. It's a
faster way to reap the
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