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Keep your Crew in Gems with the May Gem Code! Just log into ourWorld, click on your "Settings" button, and enter coupon code:
FE8D-ADE2-EC15-BFED. The code is only good thru May 28,
so login now!
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Atlantis Mystery Box!
Aquatic Style
The Lost City of Atlantis is found. And
WOW were they stylish. See what
aquatic treasure this all-new mystery box
holds before it sinks back into the waves.
May Flowers Theme
May Resident Item!
What is that floral soothing smell?
Spring flowers and they are growing
in your Condo! But only if you are
a Resident!

Happy Anniversary!
Anniversary Gifts
The longer you are a Resident, the
more anniversary gifts you'll get.
It's just our way of thanking you
for being an ourWorld Resident ^__^
Vegas Condo Gifts!
Vegas items
Gift your friends' Condos with deluxe
Vegas items! So luxurious!
May Flowers '12 Set!
May Monthly Items
Deck yourself out for
spring with maximum
flower power, but this
month only.
Hi Azia!
New Challenges
Go on a tour with Azia
through Vegas,
Nevermore and Beat
Street. You can find her
at the Pier!
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