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June '13 By the Lake
NEW Resident Item
This new Condo theme is animated! Camp by the edge of a peaceful lake and watch the day fade in to night. Relax and get ready to see a shooting star! Residents only.
June '13 Helios Herald Set
New Resident Items
Greet the sun with a tribute of glorious hair and clothing. Get the Helios Herald Sandals, Shirt, Wings, Pants, Skirt, Long Hair, and Short Hair. Shine in ourWorld!
Rainbow Mystery Box
NEW Mystery Box
What's at the end of the rainbow? A whole bunch of rainbow-themed items of course! You can get a variety of Rainbow wings, halos, hair styles, boots, shorts, jackets, socks, tights, dresses, pants, shirts and so much more! There is also an adorable Rainbow Lynx, who is waiting to be your pet.

See what's waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.
Rainbow Condo Mystery Box
Rainbow Themed Furniture
Rainbows will brighten your Condo when you discover the colorful surprises inside the all-new Condo Mystery Box.
New Critter Garden Themes
Enchanting Themes
What are the new Critter Garden themes? Enchanted, mystic, spacey and more!

Give your Critter Garden an amazing new vibe with six all-new themes!

Star Baby Mystery Box
Star Babies!
Falling from the starry skies, this little rocket ship contains a big surprise! Grab one before they blast off!
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