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Keep your Crew in Gems with the July Gem Code! Just log into ourWorld, click on your "Settings" button, and enter coupon code: 4C94-CC5D-C4A2-A707. The code is only good thru July 29, so login now!
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Beach Condo Mystery Box
NEW Condo Box
Bring the beach to your Condo! Give your Condo a fun and laid-back theme with the new and amazing beach furniture.
Chrono Magic Box!
The First Magic Box
Beginning Stage of a Magic Box: When you open a Magic Box, you will start off with a single item.

Middle Stage of a Magic Box: Wait a week, and another item is available. Wait another week, and there’s another item available! Each week you will get a new item. Your original single item can be transmuted/switched into any of the available items.

Final Stage of a Magic Box: You can use gems to “enchant” your Magic Box items. Enchanting can be “Ethereal,” “Infernal,” or “Kinetic.” Enchanting your items gives you BONUS items! Also, enchanting your items gives you a chance to get a super RARE item.

Quick Recap of your Magic Box Item: Think of your Magic Box item as a super item, which can change into a bunch of awesome different items over time. Each Magic Box lets you wear one item at a time, and so if you want to wear the whole Magic Box outfit at once then you should get more Magic Boxes. Enjoy!
Tech Trooper Set!
Monthly Items
Be a fearsome robo-fighter in this top-of-the-line Tech Trooper Set! Get the Tech Trooper Lower, Upper, Gunblade and Scarf!
Heavy Industry Bed
Resident Item
The ultimate in security, this bed includes a built-in robotic sentinel spider that is constantly on the lookout!
Hot New Swimsuits!
Look Good at the Beach
It's heating up in ourWorld so join the summer fun in an all-new super hot swimsuit! Limited time only.
Rainbow Mystery Box
Awesome Items!
What's at the end of the rainbow? A whole bunch of rainbow-themed items of course! You can get a variety of Rainbow wings, halos, hair styles, boots, shorts, jackets, socks, tights, dresses, pants, shirts and so much more! There is also an adorable Rainbow Lynx, who is waiting to be your pet.

See what's waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.
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