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Keep your Crew in Gems with the February Gem Code! Just log into ourWorld, click on your "Settings" button, and enter coupon code: 627B-D13A-744D-D0DD. The code is only good thru February 28, so login now!
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Love-ly Clothing
Look Good
You'll LOVE being covered in head to toe in LOVE! All-new and limited time only.

Special Valentine's Day Items include:

- Plaid Lovers' Dress, Shirt, Shorts, Socks, and Sneakers
- Love Song Dress, Shirt, Gloves, Pants, Boots, and Shoes
- Love Sonnet Wings!
Cupid's Heart Mystery Box!
New Mystery Box
Get the Cupid's Heart Mystery Box which contains super cute and rare items that includes:

- Love Conductor Items
- Love Cavalry Items
- Flutterfly Romance Items
- Charming Cherub Chelsea
- Charming Cherub Chazz
- Heart Burst Aura
February 2014 Super Cyborg Set
New Monthly Items
Part human...part machine...and all style! Rock these cutting edge, high-tech monthly items! Get the Super Cyborg Leggings, Boots, Jacket, Jumpsuit, Optics, and Hair now!

February 2014 Romantic Tree
Resident Item
A botanical wonder, the Romantic Tree will make everyone, who stands underneath it, instantly fall in love! (No guarantees this will occur...). February residents only!
Paper Heart Magic Box!
New Magic Box
The Second Magic Box is here in ourWorld! This magical box contains 6 different letters. Each letter contains different items that change over time into new items:

- True Love Letter contains True Love Items
- Secret Love Letter contains Secret Love Items
- Sweet Love Letter contains Sweet Love Items
- Wicker Love Letter contains Wicked Love Items
- Hyper Love letter contains Hyper Love Items

Which letter will you get?
New Fantasy Doors!
Your ourWorld Portals
Get these new fantasy doors for you Condo! These doorways magically transfer you to anywhere you want in ourWorld! You decide where in ourWorld your doorway leads to. These new fantasy doors are:

- Bamboo Door
- Castle Door
- Darkest Door
- Dungeon Door
- Elaborate Door
- Fantasy Door
- Sketchy Door
- Viola Door
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