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Keep your Crew in Gems with the July Gem Code! Just log into ourWorld, click on your "Settings" button, and enter coupon code: 7AD9-13CB-0298-45F4. The code is only good thru July 31, so login now!
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Atlantis Condo Mystery Box!
NEW Condo Mystery Box!
This forgotten elegance, long buried beneath the waves, has surfaced to give your Condo a majestic underwater theme.
Wild New Swimsuits!
Look Good at the Beach
ourWorld has an incredible selection of all-new swimsuit styles! These new swimsuits will definitely put the thrill in your Summer.
Atlantean Royal Couch
New Resident Item
Dive deep under the sea for this exotic royal couch for your Condo!
July '14 Scorching Solstice Set
New Monthly Set
How hot are you? Find out with these July-only sizzling items:

- Solstice Dress/Shorts
- Solstice Jacket
- Solstice Mask
- Solstice Boots
- Solstice Leg Tattoos
Atlantis Mystery Box
New Mystery Box
We found the lost city of Atlantis...again! This new Atlantis Mystery Box has even cooler styles from the bottom of the sea.

What underwater creature are you?
Summer 2014 Styles
Fresh Summer Clothes
The hotness of your look needs to match the hotness outside. See what our designers have come up with this Summer!

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